Here’s the thing . . .

There will come a time when you will be the only one standing. . . and where you will have no choice but to accept the shocking news and the pain. There will come a time when you will be the only one who will remain to believe in your dreams…. because you have become a bag of agony that weighs down on them, so, they get tired…they get irritated…. and the time has come for them to move on as they could no longer hold you by the hand…Suddenly, you become like what they once knew…but, once you let go of what’s no longer there, life will rewire itself and bring you to the moments where you will learn how to hold onto your faith and hope to get you through. Which will end up propelling you to become something out of nothing. . . Sometimes, you don’t always end on the other side of the rainbow with the people you met…’s life….Life moves on and you should too. Continue to bloom! keep moving forward! And that’s that!


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