Long Story Short ….

Keeping up with time is time consuming. It’s daunting work having to wonder who’s real and who’s not…..Spending time with people with three-faces–those who criticize you behind a smile, those who shake your hand with a blade in their palm of their hand, those who say “I love you” with a twist of lies–is exhausting ! . . . Long story short, the “right” path is the hardest and who you choose to walk with is critical …..



12 thoughts on “Long Story Short ….

  1. Wise words indeed Oristel, and sadly yes this is the way of the world.. The right path is hard and can be painful.. But keep on the path my friend the rewards are not held within this realm.. ❤

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  2. Hi Oristel, knowing your enemy is critical if one is to survive, that way you can see their every move and avoid it, stick to your path for the rewards at the end are well worth the wait.

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