Something to remember . . .

Something to remember is, we are lucky that we get to feel…..We get to experience the hurt…..We get to live…We get to remember…..And most importantly, we get to reclaim ourselves…


Picture by: Pinterest

8 thoughts on “Something to remember . . .

  1. Hello Oristel,
    Lovely to meet you and so pleased you left me that message on Steve’s art blog. which directed me here.
    Loved your about me page to, and what you represent in that you are a caring person who is actively engaged in helping others.

    Your post here very true.. having been in that dark pit of depression and despair myself once upon a time, finding yourself at your lowest ebb, means you have two choices, either stay there or try to climb out of your pit..
    A nervous breakdown saw me at my lowest. But I chose to climb..

    And with it came the experience that when you look back was the best experience given, in that it brings awareness to how others are, and how it puts a different perspective if you were to be standing in someone else’s shoes

    Regards, Sue


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