Dis Iz Amerika, after-all.

Sometimes you have to think about how your questions are answered. An answer is not only a chance to see where you are on a scale, but also opens the possibility of seeing those who want you to drink in an empty glass and eat on an empty plate. You must be very careful as this world has become ambiguous; where we do not know who is who and what is what. It hurts the most when you learn of all the things that you could have done and didn’t do because of those people who have always been outsiders, those who are dream busters, those who can only love you to the capacity in which they can only love themselves, those who are convinced where they are is how far they can go. Sometimes an answer is all you need. Sometimes you are not for everyone. Dis iz Amerika for you…. it teaches you things.

Guenael Gwegwe

Picture: Pinterest


11 thoughts on “Dis Iz Amerika, after-all.

  1. Long time Oristel (as in About)or not sure if your first name is Guanael as at end of post. This seems a very deep post and am wondering is the central theme that people are not what they seem? Or have I misinterpreted. People/others not reaching their potential?
    People ‘wanting to see you drink from an empty glass or eat from an empty plate’??


    1. Hey ! Yes, you got my name right ! Am currently in the process of changing my last name from Oristel to Gwegwe. Not really sure how much of my blog will change ? 🧐 also! You got the theme right !!!! It’s multiple meaning! People are not reaching their goals because they are listening to bad voices or is it forces ? Also, people are not who they say they are. It’s, as you said, deep, and complex, you know !

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      1. Glad someone else feels like that at times also. I place too much pressure on myself always. I find it so refreshing to read thoughtful posts on an irregular basis rather than feeling inundated by daily verses etc I feel compelled to read & respond to.

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      2. That sounds lovely to read !!! It’s always good to read something (like a novel, for instance) because we always want a good story to help us escape from ourselves for a while.

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  2. Excellent post Oristel. Yes, America has become confused and one must be very careful to not become part of the problem but rather part of the solution. Discussion and respect for one another must be paramount.

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