Life (3 sec read).

There are two things that we must figure out for ourselves.

First, we have to find out about life.

Second. We have to find out about living.

Life is like the ocean waves, it is constantly on the move. It is also the wind that shifts you from place to place.

Living, well, is different on every shore.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Daily Prompt: Immerse Vivid Abstract


36 thoughts on “Life (3 sec read).

      1. Oh, and I tagged you in the Blue Sky thingy. 😁​ Answer the 11 questions only if you get a chance. It is fun getting to know you better, but I know if time is an issue!

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      2. 🙊 I didn’t know! I’ll check it out real soon. Time for me right now is very hard😩 I barely have the time to breathe and to sit down to catch up with my thoughts. I am constantly on the go and facing adversities in between.

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      3. Oristel, I completely get it! Don’t let my questions keep you busy, but they may be fun to answer one day if you get a moment. We need 10 more hours in a day! No, we would cram every second as well. Ha ha

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      4. You are right! No, I will do it. I will have to do it. (I mostly write my blogs or do some thinking when I am in the shower). I will do it tomorrow. Now, will I find the questions on your blog?

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