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During the moment of difficulties, we, sometimes, forget about ourselves, as well as our strength. Β In your journal, take a minute or two or as many as you want, to reflect on your life, and to think deeply about this question. Answering this question will help you find your purpose in life if you haven’t already. It will also help you gain confidence in yourself in achieving your dream regardless of how hard life gets. But most importantly, it will remind you of what you have accomplished in the last 30 days.


Who are you and why are you who you are?

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18 thoughts on “Question of The Day

  1. It is easy to be hard on ourselves. Most of us always want more. Sometimes, I have to sit back and remember all that I have accomplished. It’s not always about go go go. Reflection is important too. Thank you for the reminder. πŸ™‚β€‹

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      1. Oristel,
        I agree. I’ve only really immersed myself in the blogging world at the start of this year. It has been a blessing. I have been touched and inspired by many people, including you. Thank you!

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  2. Hello Oristel!
    I’ve nominated you for the ‘Versatile Blogger’ , ‘Real Neat Blogger’ and ‘Blog-aholic’ awards. I’ll be really glad if you accept them😊

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  3. I have a question for you Oristel: Can I send the Promo Code to download the Audio Version of my book, “The End Matters Most: The Journey into a Glorious Destiny” to you so that you can download it on Audible,com?

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      1. Free download codes for The End Matters Most: The Journey
        into a Glorious Destiny by Peter Feranmi Adewumi:
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        2. Add the audio book to your cart.
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        4. Enter the promo code (TA95GLUUW9QK5) and click “Redeem” on the cart page.
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        6. Complete checkout, and start listening to the free copy of the book.

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