Dealing with Mistakes in Life…

Have you made a mistake in your life that is making life difficult to live? Or do you know a person who has made a mistake and finds him or herself pressing their back against the wall with tears streaming down their eyes? Dealing with a mistake and life is two different ball game. 

We all have learned that everyone makes mistakes and making them is not bad for our soul. We have also learned that if a soul does not make mistakes in life, then, they haven’t truly lived. However, we have not learned the courage one takes to deal with a mistake that they have made in their life.

Making a mistake is not an issue, but it is living with it. Not only does it rupture our soul, but it is also a rough battle on its own. The minute you make a mistake, your life trembles with anxiety and you immediately find yourself counting stars to move forward with your life. Sometimes you question yourself how did it happen? what could have I done to prevent it from happening? Other times, you cry to yourself when there’s no one looking. Dealing with a mistake in life is a nightmare. But, don’t let it shut your nerves. You can deal with it!

To deal with a mistake that you have made, either minor or major, you must first let yourself sink in the moment of confusion and pain. So that later on, your emotion does not deter you from tracking back to understand the reason it happened.

Secondly, when the mistake that you’ve made start to ring bells in your ears, be brave to face it and to let it fall like raindrops falling from the sky. Walking away will only accelerate the mistake, and once it goes over your head, your life will fall further down the pit.

Third, stay still like water in a jar. Whatever the mistake that you’ve made, either minor or major, you have the skills within you to overcome it.Finally, don’t dwell on “I should have or shouldn’t have” your head will overheat with thoughts and worst of all, regrets, which will then make the pain climb to your neck.

Understand that there is no point to back in time to think about what you shouldn’t have done or should have done. Instead, look for alternatives to overcome the mistake. If the pressure in your head is too strong, ask for help. Here’s a secret, having others on the same shore with you will increase your chances of overcoming the mistake that you’ve made in your life.

As we all know, mistakes do not define who we are, they give us a character in the long run.

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Daily prompt: Heal Later Conquer


41 thoughts on “Dealing with Mistakes in Life…

  1. Hi Oristel,
    I am a fan of your writing and I think you have great potential. I would never want to post anything that would embarrass you. This post is a great subject matter. If you would like some helpful criticism, contact me via email. As I have told you before, just keep on writing.

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  2. Such grand words you have created here.
    Very original!
    “Stay still like water in a jar” – I love that analogy!
    You have quite a future ahead of you in your writings.
    Keep on Moving! You are dynamite!
    Thank you, ren

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  3. Very well written….
    Initially there is suffering,then there is acceptance and then it becomes a little easy to move on.

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  4. Such sound advice! I especially like your words about allowing ourselves to sink into that moment so the emotion can be experienced then and not comeback to haunt us. In today’s world we frequently rush past the moment in denial and are tripped up later. Thank you for this post.

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