Keep On Climbing. . .

Here you are climbing a hill with naked feet and mind-wandering. By the time, you are finally reaching the top of that awful hill, you start to sense and feel the tender of the sun that is waiting patiently for you on the other side. But then, the wind, that treacherous wind pushes you back to where you started. It is frustrating and discouraging, isn’t it? But, how do we deal with that? Of course, you will cry your last tears and of course, your whole world will shake.

It burns when you realize the hardship that you had encountered to get to the middle of the hill and now you have to start all over again! You ask yourself, where do I begin? how can I start, if I should start at all? Especially after you have fallen down over and over again. However, learn to trust your abilities, and once you do, give yourself some time to recuperate from the defeat. And then, get back to your feet and be brave. Be smart. Be courageous and go up that hill. You were born to see another side of life.

In this moment right now, you are reaching the top of the hill and the wind is constantly blowing in your face, making everything hazy, and now you are about to surrender and let the wind pushes you to the ground. But, don’t give up on YOURSELF. You didn’t go through all you had to go through for nothing. The painful moments that you had been through and the long late nights that you had been catching your tears are meaningful.

YOUR life has meaning. You have a lot of potentials to climb that hill to reach the other side. It is imperative for you to know that YOU are somebody and your dream, whatever your purpose is needs YOU to make it happen and ONLY YOU can make it happen. Life is a journey. Nothing less and nothing more. It either teaches you, breaks you or changes you. And sometimes, you get them all in one shot.

Here’s a secret that the majority of people don’t know, life is a 3D video game. But, here’s the catch, it is not about the game you play, but it is how you play the game that counts.

Picture by: Rock and Ice from Pinterest

Daily Prompt:Blur Hideout Tremble

12 thoughts on “Keep On Climbing. . .

  1. “It is imperative for you to know that YOU are somebody and your dream, whatever your purpose is needs YOU to make it happen and ONLY YOU can make it happen.”
    ^ You have no idea how timely this is…

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  2. So inspiring post!Seriously I agree with you as you say that we when we fall,there are so many questions which arise in our mind making us doubt our own capabilities.All we need to do is accept our defeat and take some time before we start again!:)

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