How can we not feel downcast when there are a million question swirling in our heads questioning why we are here? How can we not feel pessimistic when all we can hear aloud is that it would make no difference whether we turn to the left or the right? I know that living this life without a concrete goal…. without a motive … strength … make every day a drag. I know that you are thinking that there’s no spirit left to help you lift a foot from the ground. I know you feel that your life is finished and ruined. That there is no hope. I also know that, for the moment, you think that all you can do is watch your life flee and cry?

Sometimes, we have to allow ourselves to sink in, and to give ourselves permission to feel discouraged because feeling discouraged is a good thing…..It means that we have done our best…..and we will continue to work harder than before……..You have the courage and the strength to become….and to make a difference…..Look within, the image that reflects in a mirror, and you’ll see that you have all the possibilities, all the opportunities to press reset and change your life.

Yet, I know you know that you are as strong as the undulating waves. You have found what others haven’t and are still seeking – strength, courage, love, patience. I know that you have learned from your pains, your blunders. I know you know that there is no shortcut in life….and that throwing yourself out of the mayhem of life is as dangerous as dipping your head deep into the earth … it does not get you anywhere…..Don’t sit…..Don’t drift on top of the water either… However, stay in the water with the strength you’ve gained.

It is critical to know that you are a masterpiece…….That life hasn’t finished. sometimes, you have to allow yourself to grow, learn, be hurt, cry, risk everything for love, and escape from where there’s no life.

So I will not tell you to have a good day. Instead, I urge you to solely have a day that matters. Stay alive…Sharp……Look up to the sky and not just the ground….. Feed yourself well…… Don’t give up on yourself, just yet. You have come through so far. 


Try not to overhaul your life overnight. Focus on making small changes at a time. These small changes will contribute to a great transformation. Do not give up!!! 


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