Let The Truth Be Told!

Isn’t it discouraging when people–who think they know–are clueless about how depressing it is to explain all the racing words rushing in and out of bands in your head, while you, yourself, don’t even know, and struggling with the idea of who you are? 

We are all bearing a scar on our faces. It is a roadmap that guides us back toward our past, depicting where we have been, and how far we have traveled. Your scars are meaningful as each one is a reminder of how courageous you were at your last battle…..As it reminds you of who you are. Never lose a sight of neither of those scars! Wear them like the hair on your head. Like your life depends on it

We are all, at the end of the day, coping with ourselves as you are with yours……There is no doubt that feeling without having a name, living a life of a loser; a life of a no-body, that it doesn’t exhaust you and drain the life that you have been yearning to make for yourself out of you. 

But, it is us all……Life, in the end, is for all of us…..

Keep leaping over the chasms that have settled on your path while you were making a life and a living…Keep your shoulders squared…..strong…..Be the voice that you want to hear……Use your discerned eyes to stay vigilant and to be a help for the weak…..

We are all facing with something that is greater than ourselves……The scars that you are wearing is your piece of evidence to prove what you have been through, fought through, cried through, rose through…

Keep your heart and spirit in the game of life. And continue to brim yourself with self-love. It is purposeful. 

Cited: Picture by Pinterest 

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