An Immediate Response ….

Life is, indeed, magnificent. But, like time, it moves and disappears and never returns.

Some of your best motivation to succeed in life never comes to you when the sun is glowing, and when your world is flourishing as a growing garden. It comes when your night is gone, and your lights are out. Some of your best lessons that you need to learn come to you in the thing that did not work, in a loss of your loved ones, in the pain that you are left to drown. Some of your best lessons come to you after seeing and hearing the love of your life’s foot-steps leaving you behind, alone, bemused, and scared. Some of your best motivation is when your fiancé, your friends, your family, throw you on the wall and suffocate you until you pass out.

Your job is not to dwell in fear. Your job is not to stay stagnant in your darkness. Your job is to use your hands as windshields to send away your tears. Your job is to use your struggles, your hard-times, to fuel you, and not make you fret and petrified. Your job is to use your hard-times as your shield, as your weapon, to fight while you are still in your momentary dark-place. Your job is to pull yourself from the earth, and to empty those jars of tears and to use that lesson to help you climb over your issues. Yes—-When you do that, you let your light shine, and when you let your light shine like that, you will never be the same, you. You will be able to bring yourself 100% fully forth. You will begin to fall in love with yourself again.

You are bold and courageous. Use this time, this chance, this opportunity to rise and scatter in the air like dust, and to find your feet again.

This is the answer to life.

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4 thoughts on “An Immediate Response ….

  1. Great work Oristel,

    I agree with you totally. Sometimes, victory came to us insidiously,in the form of the temporary defeat, and if we are persistent enough we will succeed! Keep writing


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