Did You Know ?

Did you know that there is nothing wrong with you if there are unexplained tears in your eyes, and if there is an overwhelming depression in the middle of your chest?

Did you know that when your world is tumbling down, the waves begin to flood your shore, and you can’t find your way home anymore because there is no light to break through your darkness, that it’s okay, and that you can rise and reach your destination?

Did you know that everyone needs inspiration, and not just you and that everyone needs a song, a beautiful rhythm for when their night is so long and alone and scary?  There is no guarantee that life is easy.

Did you know that when you are moving to better things, you will feel uncomfortable, and scared, and feel unsecured?

Did you know that you are beautiful and that to others, you are like their stars that hold their moon, and you appear just like a dream to them?

Did you know that whatever you are coping with right now is a gift from Heaven?

Embrace your hardships!

Daily prompts:


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