Words of Encouragement. . .

“Don’t just learn, experience.
Don’t just read, absorb.
Don’t just change, transform.
Don’t just relate, advocate.
Don’t just promise, prove.
Don’t just criticize, encourage.
Don’t just think, ponder.
Don’t just take, give.
Don’t just see, feel.
Don’t just dream, do.
Don’t just hear, listen.
Don’t just talk, act.
Don’t just tell, show.
Don’t just exist, live.”
Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

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57 thoughts on “Words of Encouragement. . .

  1. Amanda  hurriedly  went to  grab a yellow flowing  gown that  passed  her  knees. The gown was so long that  it trailed behind  her. It reminded  her of her  aunt’s wedding  gown.  Her’s  was more  longer  than  her  auntie’s  own. 

    ‘ Be quick girl, is not  by force to  go . Nobody  said you  must  go to  church ‘ her mom  called from the  living room. Amanda  heard her  aunt say something like she’s  coming .

    Amanda  hated going to  church. She hated it  as much as  she hated going  to the  library  after  class.  Her mom  had  specifically put her  in the  care of  the  Liberian and  had given the  Liberian  her phone number. The Liberian, made her  life  miserable . Amanda  was  now treated  like  all other intelligent  freaks like  Grace . She  was  now avoided by everyone  at school  even by her  boyfriend because  she  wasn’t  hanging  around  with  her  class mates because of the  library  visit. She  didn’t quarrel  with  her  boyfriend.  He didn’t officially  break up with  her, but  their  relationship  had gone  sour.

    She finally came  down stairs  in her  yellow gown. Her mom  had packed her things for  her. Her elder sister,  Amaka  who was  more  of  a serious  Christian than her  didn’t  want  to go  for the  camping  trip. It surprised everyone. She  didn’t  give  her  reason why she didn’t want to  go when  her mum asked  her. 

    Amanda  went outside and  stood by her  auntie’s  Toyota  jeep. It was  a clean car. She had  bought it  2 years ago,but it looked as if it was  just  bought newly. 

    Amaka came outside  carrying  Ammanda’s things. She didn’t  say anything to  her. They hardly ever  say anything to  each other. Amanda  was  too imperfect  compared to  Amaka. Amanda  was  the  black sheep of the  family. She was the  topic of  discussion  during family  devotion. 

    Amanda  came  over and took  her  things from her  without  saying  thank you. Amaka  stood by the  car   far  away from Amanda. Their mom  was  talking to  their aunt. Her voice  was  loud ‘sister,  I can’t  believe that  Amanda  is going to  church on her  own without  being  forced to  do so. Their must be  something she is running from ‘ her mom  said  ‘ I don’t  think so,  I believe that  Jesus is the one changing  her ‘ her aunt replied. Amanda ‘s mom smiled but didn’t  reply. Just  then  Amanda’s  mom  phone  beeped  and  she saw the  text. She laughed  so uncontrollably  with tears streaming down  her eyes. ‘ so that’s why  she  wants to go for the  camping trip. Amanda’s  auntie  read the  text  message and too began laughing. 
    Just  then, a car entered into the  compound  and  soon  stopped at the  main entrance. Amanda’s   heart beat    faster. Grandma  came out of the  car  with  precious, Amanda’s  dad. Ammanda watched  her  sister  run  inside .She heard  her  telling  mother ‘Am going  with  them  too’ as she went to  pack  her  things but  Amanda  knew that  she won’t  make it as her auntie ran outside . She  wanted to  leave before  grandmother  spots her. Her mum too  came outside. They all entered inside the  car. Grandmother  and  precious heard the  car zoom off.
    Amanda  had heard  grandmother  say to  Amaka

    ‘And where the  hell  do you  think you  are  going  with  all  that  load?? Get inside and  prepare  dinner and  go  clean the house , make sure  is sparkling clean  or else you  are going  to hate yourself ‘ 

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  2. Loved your post a lot!!!
    And it’s so true we always focus on side of life and are never open and will to receive but also give massively in return.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts I enjoyed reading it

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  3. Reblogged this on ThoughtsnLifeBlog and commented:
    Dear Friends, I came across this beautiful and powerful post by a fellow blogger. I believe this a poem by Roy Bennett. It is absolutely simple but i extremely profound and I just love it and thought you would love it too.

    Also, The Keep Moving On blog site by Oristel is seriously wonderful, the posts are short but so on point and really help us rethink the way we think. And you know the moto of my blog..our thoughts make us happy or sad ..

    Make sure to read the original post. Thanks Oristel for allowing me to reblog.


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      1. Np Oristel you dont need to. Believe me , we are busy and finding time is always difficult. Currently my blogging game is not as great as my first year.. but appreciate your kindness. Have a great weekend

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  4. Great work Oristel,

    My favorite is number two. Absorb the knowledge . Because great knowledge is around us,we just need to open our mind and to absorb it.

    Thank you my friend

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