A Brief Note. . .

Hello there,
You don’t know how lucky you are. You should not be spending your time thinking about the things that are bound to drift apart. Look at the sky and thank your lucky stars when you are feeling the black void of spaces in your heart. Don’t stay stagnant like a stone and think that life will find you right where you are. Go out there and broaden your horizon! ’cause waiting on a call is damn hard. Take it from me, from us, and from everyone else who has been driven on the road that you are on. It didn’t take us very far. So, go out there! enjoy life before it slips away. ‘Cause you have one life to live, so fly, spread your wings to feel the breeze of the wind.

Daily Prompt:

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39 thoughts on “A Brief Note. . .

      1. We hear you. The enemy is clever at turning it so we blame ourselves. Please consider the thought that you are a light in a place that darkness wants to occupy and therefore let your light so shine.

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  1. Yes, one life to live! Live it well, impact others, and enjoy it to the fullest. Thanks Oristel for sharing. Love you!

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  2. Oristel, you are so right on! I love this post. Being grateful, fully participating in life, acceptance and loving — all such GREAT keys of awareness. You are a blessing. So glad to know you.
    Peace, Debbie

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