The truth of life. . .

Have you ever caught yourself looking straight at the wall waiting for something to jump and nothing came?

How can a person stands in front of you just to say “move on with your life” when you know that life itself stops moving.

We all want people to understand us from inside out and to hear everything that is going on in our heads. But, often times, we don’t find that person, but only ourselves staring back at us.

This is called life.

We must learn to live with the truth that we have to be our own advocate, coach, consultant. And everything else that falls within that range.

The truth is that life is full of pain! There’s pain of regret, rejection, the pain of giving all you have and yet, you are standing still. That’s a pain. But, this is called life!

At times, you will feel that you are running out of your own breath, but, you must continue to work as hard as our ancestors.

If you have to slap yourself three times in the head to pick yourself up and keep moving, do it! Otherwise, as a snail, you will stay there crawling on your stomach.

The truth of living is not only experiencing pain, but it is also accepting pain.

It will strengthen you for the road ahead.

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43 thoughts on “The truth of life. . .

  1. Accepting pain was/is a difficult one for me to experience. Kind of easier said then done, until I did it once. Then I understood better and it became easier. But I still have times when I want to fight and resist pain, like I was ‘taught’.
    Great post…thanx

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      1. I go to the gym every day. Boxing 3 times a week, Zumba 4 times a week. Circuit training, lifting weights. I volunteer to train ladies to box. I volunteer 5 hours every Thursday at a buffet. Also am a 24/7 caregiver for my husband.

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  2. I really love this. Living with and in pain, accepting it, is something I’ve recently been trying to do. And though it’s only been about a month of it has made such a huge difference in my life. Saying screw it, accepting that life is full of pain, has been incredibly freeing. Anyways, I really love this. 🙂

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    1. I really love your comment. I really do! You are right! Just hearing your own voice saying “Screw it” makes you feel light and free! Yeah, you finally feel free when you accept life and accept every pain that it brings! Great comment and thank you! I will read your blog as soon as I wake up!

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