This post is dedicated to all moms and dads who are celebrating their children’s graduation this year.

Mom and Dad, graduation is an exciting time. It’s both an ending and a beginning.

Do take this time to make your child feel accomplished, as opposed to making them feel as if they had wasted another year. Make them feel they are deserved to be celebrated.

Whether they received a certificate, a degree, a diploma, take it with happiness, hold it in the air like gold, as opposed to throwing it on the side, like those abandoned garbage on the streets.

Your child needs to know that graduation is not only a celebration of what they have accomplished, but it is also the warm memories of the past, the big plans for the future, the happy feelings that come from working hard and following their heart.

Help them say, “What a journey!”


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35 thoughts on “CONGRATULATIONS. . .

  1. Graduations are a wonderful time to celebrate the graduate’s achievements. I l love graduation time and seeing all the happiness, especially happy for the parents. I have many friends who have a recent high school graduate–very exciting times for them. And my niece just graduated with her BA–so proud of her too! They all celebrated their children’s achievements. It’s nice you wrote about this; it’s a wonderful reminder to those who may not. 🙂

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  2. Things have changed so much since I was young. I never thought about trying to give my parents advice on any topic, but sadly good parenting has become a lost art. I see some of my students that have not been instilled with proper values and I know that this is the fault of their parents. I am sorry if I went off topic, but I guess it is the new normal for kids to know more about life than their parents do these days.

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    1. This is a goood point that you made here. It is true that parents, not all, nowadays are not really taking the time to understand and or form relationships with their children. This is the reason kids failed and dropped out


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