Take the extra step. . . .

Life is a mystery that will continue spinning our head with thoughts and worries about what’s coming up next. However, if you are holding onto yourself feeling anxious and nervous about the next step, trust yourself to let go and let life do its job.

Let it flow like birds flying in the sunset sky.

Don’t take life too personal, it will drain your strength. It will even make you want to stop breathing at times or even worse, it may make you want to roll down the stairs.

Don’t stop expecting trouble; they will travel to you like snakes slithering through the ground. But, don’t focus too much, your eyeballs will fall from your head.

Not only is it your job to let life flow, but also, you owe it to yourself to get to your destination in life!

Keep being strong, keep striving and keep looking ahead for the next step.

You never know how far you will go,  so make sure you be brave to always go the extra miles!

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12 thoughts on “Take the extra step. . . .

  1. Don’t stop expecting trouble! I love that, Oristel. It’s so true, and try and stay calm when it comes. We can’t control what is thrown at us, but we can control how we react.

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