Keep Holding ON. . .

It is not easy to wake up to another day with your heart in your mouth. Life is hard stuff, it is hard as a bone. A person must have a thick skin to cope with it, that’s for sure. How do we remain our position when the defeat leaves  our broken heart hanging? How do we continue to live when we are expecting the best, but only experiencing bad news?

It is difficult to live knowing that there’s a bridge ahead for you to cross, and yet, you are barely able to keep up with the trouble that is currently in front of you. What do we do when time is moving so quickly and the sky is turning gray over your head?

The journey may seem tedious. But, when you take courage to hold it as a fist in your heart and take one step at a time, you will find out that you are getting closer to your destination. It is imperative for you to remind yourself of the mission that you gave yourself. It will help you remain in your position when life starts shaking you. Whatever your mission is, the best you can do when your life becomes chaotic is to never give up, never break down, keep holding on to what you already have and keep on moving even if you are hurting, because you will get there.

As you are moving on in life, you may feel lost in the process. Take a deep breath and continue to walk forward, because you’ll catch yourself when you get there, it always happens. Life really is the rough and ruined road that you have to follow to achieve your dream. Not to forget the burdens that will collapse upon you and the troubles, of course, that you will encounter.

Here’s the philosophy of life. It doesn’t matter where you start because we all have to start somewhere. But, it is where you end up that matters. Here’s another one, as long as you are motivated, believe in your abilities, stay positive and willing to go the extra miles, you will get there. Keep holding on. You will get there. It may not be today, tomorrow or the day after, but you will get there.

Daily Prompt: Conquer

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36 thoughts on “Keep Holding ON. . .

  1. Good Post. I’m not the first to tell you this, the more your write, the better you get. Since I have been following you, you have proved the experts right. KEEP ON WRITING

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    1. Chuck! Thank you so much! I am speechless. Thank you for telling me this. Wow. I’m out of words! I don’t know what else to say other than thank you. ( smiling and thinking of something to say).

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