The Tragedy of Life (3 min read).


This post is dedicated to one of my bloggers Sam Allen Peacock Poetry .


The second you lose a person you love deeply in your heart make you feel as if your life stops and your world is crashing fast to its end. Even though death is scarier than life itself, it is a tragedy that makes you feel as if you are walking to a dead-end. At times, it hurts hearing silence. It also burns when the tears find their way out as the wonderful memories flash from the past. You can feel the pain piercing through your core, making your bones weak.

Dealing with death is not only a tragedy of life, but it is also a pain that no one else can feel, touch, see and understand. Except for yourself. No, it is not easy to live life without that person. Life ceases to make sense without them. When people are around, you tend to fake a smile through your pain and tears to stop yourself from weeping, while your heart is ripping off your chest.

The good news is, even though that person is no longer near you at this moment, their presence is always here, from the moment the sun rises to the moment it sets. Their eyes are always watching over you. Remember, they are proud of YOU and will always want the best for YOU.

Now be strong for yourself, though at times, it will feel like stabbing pain, but you are a rock solid person and you will certainly come out alive.


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42 thoughts on “The Tragedy of Life (3 min read).

  1. “Dealing with death is not only a tragedy of life, but it is also a pain that no one else can feel, touch, see and understand. Except for yourself” – this holds so much truth.
    Comforting post, Oristel. From one, amongst so many others, who experienced the excruciatingly painful loss of a loved one, thank you for the words of encouragement.

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    1. You are welcome!!!! Greatttt!!! I posted this because of you, actually. As you can see the comment I posted under the poem “wonder” and this post is much similar. I didn’t want to put your blog link to it, because I wasn’t sure if you would have like it. 😬😬😬🙊🙊🙈🙈

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  2. The only thing constant in life is change but if the change involves someone you love so deeply then it sure aches. But as you said you are a rock solid person you will surely come out alive. Keep faith and keep smiling away your troubles.

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  3. It’s important to keep moving forward. The person who died would not want you to cease living and stay stuck in grief. It is honoring to the other person when we continue to live life to the fullest (of course, the grief still needs to be felt and worked through).

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  4. Oh !What are losses so difficult to endure and more difficult to express . The grief does not recede like a thorn it goes deeper an deeper. Time teaches you to conceal it from the world but the facade at times is difficult to maintain. Losses are natural and hard to endure. It is easy to console others but difficult to reconcile with one’s own. Life moves on leaving gaps never to be filled.your words are encouraging strong and motivating we have to face the trails of life.Come what may life goes on. 👍👍😊

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    1. I love this “It is easy to console others but difficult to reconcile with one’s own. Life moves on leaving gaps never to be filled” Your comment has a lot of truth in it! Thank to for commenting! ❤️ and thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

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  5. Hi Oristel,
    Great post – heart warming. To help you, study the seven stages of grief (denial, guilt, anger, depression, upward turn, working through, acceptance). When you understand the stages, you understand the constant changes your emotions go through. The stages don’t necessarily follow in order or is there a rule says you don’t repeat some of them.

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  6. Powerful post, and a very important message. I have been lucky enough to not lose anybody who I am very close to yet, but obviously the day will come. I hope that I will be strong enough to deal with this. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. Oh! Tragedy, the word itself evokes sadness. But this post did contain some serious truths, or should I say some bitter truths of life and death. Thoughtful. Very insightful, my friend. Keep it going!

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  8. Sometimes I feel like all of my hair is standing up, and I know my mother is with me. I had this exact sensation at the moment that she took her last breath, so I know it’s her =)

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