A Terrible Loss 

A year has gone and another enters. Here is Jasmine once again sitting on the beach bench feeling the breeze of the wind moving through her hair. Although she does not have a watch or a cell phone, she can feel the time change by the way the dark grows, the wind  throwing sand on her face. As she is removing the last sand in her eyelashes, her eyes drop to the floor and see a shadow moving through the sand.

She gets up and follows it. And here she is standing in front of two lovers running with the waves as the sun going low behind the ocean. She smiles, hugging herself and thinking back on her life. She hears a smooth voice coming from a distance,  “It’s a blessing, isn’t it? to be deeply in love. Just the presence of it makes me feel excitement bouncing in my head!” She smiles and looks at the two lovers once again.

They are holding hands and walking shoulder to shoulder by the water. The woman’s head facing down and holding her long dress in her hands from reaching the water. The man, on the other side of her, is holding her shoes, sandals or whatever she had on. They are smiling. She can see it. She can hear them laughing at every word they speak.

The voice comes to her again, “I love watching and listening to people who are in love. The things they share. The words they whisper to each other is mind blowing. It’s……” The wind diffuses the voice in the air. Jasmine stands and watches them walk until she squints her eyes to see them reaching the end of the ocean. She exhales softly and turns around and sees a man standing with a bouquet of roses in his hands. The voice speaks,

“Jasmine. I’ve watched them too. Especially during the hot days in the summer months.” Jasmine runs toward the man in the darkness and falls down on her face. She turns quickly to her back letting the memories of her husband who had died three years back.  “I love you,” she says out loud while lying down feeling the tears of regret for not letting her husband know how deeply she was in love with him.

(Moral of the story– If you feel something, let people know that feeling. Never wait until the last minute. Otherwise, you will find only yourself to share it with.

Picture credit: ilisten2u2.tumblr.com

Daily prompt: Lovingly Seriousness

42 thoughts on “A Terrible Loss 

  1. “If you feel something, let people know that feeling. Never wait until the last minute. Otherwise, you will find only yourself to share it with” This is true.
    I agree with Nina – Nice story, perfectly-written too!

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    1. Thank youuuu gaïa! Thank you for the follow. I am now following you and I will be checking your post in a sec! Can’t wait to pull my chair and start reading through your blog! Keep on moving gaïa.


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