The Pain of Life

By the way we feel our ribs pressing against our heart, the sweat of fear dripping on our feet is the moment that we know the pain of life is not too far to come.

Life is a journey that will never come to an end.  Every day we learn another story, and each day, we face a new challenge. Sometimes the pain of life comes like stabbing pain. But, other times it comes like the wind to prepare us for the next round down the block.

The pain of life can make you shiver until tears swelled up in your eyes. Sometimes crying is the best you can do when you find no words to express the pain that is sitting in the middle of your chest, the pain that no one else can see and feel.  Even though you speak out loud from the pain, your voice evaporate in the air, and no one hear, but yourself. It’s a pain when you do everything you can and losing all the money that you don’t have, yet you still fall flat.

Life travels with us to the battlefield, where we have no choice, other than fighting to survive. It is painful to live when you lose a sense of touch with reality and yourself. However, when you open your eyes, is when you begin to see that the pain of life is not so bad after all.  After you have learned a few tricks, you will no longer be petrified of getting hit by stones and bricks, and even going to certain places that your soul might make you feel psychologically uncomfortable.

The pain is not only bringing yourself back up, but it is also keeping your head high when your life is in a whirlwind. The faith in your heart will support you, help you survive your darkest hour, and will help you find the beam of light.

The pain of life can never be as strong as you are. It will make you stumble along the way, that’s for sure, but you were not born to break.

Happy Journey!

Picture credit: Mina Jafari

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22 thoughts on “The Pain of Life

  1. I love what you’ve said that, ‘the pain of life can never be as strong as you are.’
    Very well-written, Oristel! The human spirit is unbreakable only if we put our trust in it. We can withstand anything life throws at us, thru great resolve or when all else fails, surrender and acceptance (we get immuned to pain thru time) You’ve beautifully conveyed that truth in this post!
    Nice piece!

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  2. When it comes your time to age, there are other pains, which grip your mind, heart, and body. Physical pain can, and often does, alter the thinking processes.

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  3. Encouraging words. Unfortunately the pain of life can be much more overwhelming than mere unhappiness or discouragement. Far too many people are disenfranchised from any form of empowerment around the world.

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  4. Such a perfect description of the word Pain.Your last paragraph is the only solution to overcome the unbearable pain.

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  5. “The faith in your heart will support you and help you survive your darkest hour and will help you find the beam of light.” Beautiful! That’s what life is about. Surviving and always looking for the beam of light.

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