Man Plans, then what?

THOUGHT AVENUE: Speak your mind


The randomness of life has challenged us since the dawn of humanity.  Most of us strive to bring some semblance of order to our lives, as disorder and chaos tend to make us feel anxious and uncomfortable. We try to lessen unpredictability in our daily routines and longer term planning.

But fate often has its own ideas: Unexpected changes and events occur in our journeys: Sometimes there are unforeseen twists in our paths, roadblocks or detours, which we abhor. At other times there might be pleasurable options and opportunities.

Stuff does indeed happen. We’ve all known pleasure and serenity, as well as disappointments and indignities. We’ve brimmed with confidence, and have also had self-doubts.

Thus we learn to live with uncertainty and ambiguity, which we deal with in different ways. Some feel immune to bad fate (“I have good karma”), but we know that a sense of invulnerability (“It can’t…

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