Lessons Learned….

Once upon a time, your life was hell. It had made you do things that you can’t now undo. It had made you say words that you now wish that had gone unsaid. There were also some risks that you have never taken, signals that you have missed and fights that you now wish you had one more chance to mend.

Nonetheless, be thankful for every page that turned, every bridge that burned, every tear that had to fall down from your eyes and every day that you had to wonder how you were going to get through the night. There were all lessons learned.

You are wiser now. You have changed so beautifully. So long ago, you were vulnerable, dependent on others. But now, look at you, all grown up, so independent, resourceful, making your way up in the big world. You are stronger now, you have learned which way to go from your mistakes.

At some point, though, the past does come back and burns our heart. It makes us tear up nights after nights and days after days. But, you have to realize that there’s nothing else you could do to change the past because it is now beyond you.

Be grateful, always. You have had your share of ups and downs. Times when there was one around. You have grown through it. The harder life gets, the stronger you become. Keep on moving. Stay active. Keep reading to broaden your horizon. Your past cannot be rewritten. The mistakes that you did in the past and the chances that you had thrown away were all lessons learned.

I am so proud that you have grown up, and that you have decided to stay in action to not let your past hinder your future self.

I am so excited about what you will do and go next!

Happy Journey!


Daily Prompt:  Gone

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