Keep Being Strong

Life strikes us all. For some, it strikes them in the morning, while others in early afternoon or evening. Sometimes you feel it coming like a wave. Other times it comes silently through the cracks on the walls, and all of a sudden you find yourself curled up in a corner, feeling the heat moving fast to your face with an overwhelming depression rushing down your body, and all you can do is sit and cry.

Sometimes it burns you until you can endure no more. Other times, you wait patiently for a sound, a voice, a signal. But you hear nothing except the whooshing sounds in your head. Life sometimes can be a nightmare, a wild outburst of profanity. But, when you take courage, you will find that life is wondrous and a blessing. You will also find that life teaches you to be vigilant, and most of all, to be courageous to stand up for yourself within yourself.

Life is not a journey that one can neglect. When it happens, the struggle comes strong, like a heavy blow that pushes you to the ground. It gives no choice but to make you sit in the rain holding your breath until your lungs give up. I must admit that it takes courage to live, to walk in the street and not feel petrified by the unknown. However, you must continue to be strong. After all, it is the only thing you can do when life stops you.

You must swallow your pride. Take courage to stop fighting with yourself, and allow the wind of life shifts you. Do not panic when your world is shattered and find no one to give you a helping hand. There is nothing wrong to feel lost because feeling lost is when the journey of finding yourself begins.

Take courage to live even if the sky is falling down on you. Hold onto your dreams and goals tightly underneath your fingernails and run with it. keep believing that someway and somehow the sun will shine on you and lift you up.

Keep being strong, it is the best you can do!

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44 thoughts on “Keep Being Strong

  1. You have a lot to share! I appreciate your insight of the journey of life. I remember one blogger said about blogging – 30% is posting, 70% is marketing. You must go visit lots of blogs, like, comment, don’t forget to follow. Hopefully they follow you back. When I came back blogging the last two day of July 2016, I had 1 follow from the previous inactive 4 years. I worked very hard. In 5 months and 10 days, I got 1000 follows. I know I have something to share and I need to let them know that I am here. So that’s a big comment!

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    1. Thank you very much for your thoughtful advice! I am trying my best to blog on a daily basis! But, it is a lot of work, which is fun! I love words! As far as marketing, I don’t even know where to begin. I read post after post after post and still nothing!

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      1. This is the WP Daily Post. You can participate, follow the instruction. Your post will appear in their blog among hundred of blogs. Then you can click on other blogs, comment, follow, and leave your blog like. I posted a party a couple days ago. I don’t know if it’s still open. You could click view original post and see if it’s still open, if it is, do the same thing. If you have not follow me, you could, because I will reblog other blogger’s party and you could go visit.


      2. Now you can open the link I gave you, you can go to the top bar, drop down the prompts & challenges, click daily prompt, it has all the previous prompts, click the one “success” and visit the posts as many as you want, and do the like, comment, follow, and leave you blog link, invite them to visit you. You can click any daily challenge and find more blogs!


      3. Now after you follow many blogs, you can click open the Reader next to My Sites to see all the posts of the blogs you follow – managed will have all the blogs, blogs I follow show their posts. I leave that tab open so I visit and like their posts everyday.


      4. No, you can post to any prompt anytime! Your click instruction, the html will show, copy that, click write on your blog, click the HTML tab, copy. After copy, click visual, the prompt will show on the tab where you write your new post. I usually add “Daily Prompt: ” in front of the prompt. After you post, wait for a couple hours. You post will show in the WP blog.


      5. I did that! 🙂 and yes, I will keep you in touch! and thank you once again for willing and taking your time to guide me through it! Thank you thank you and thank you! Someone needs to blog about a topic–“Teachers Save Lives”

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  2. Thanks for your follow! Good work here! Mariam has given you the right pointers, so I will only point out: customize. You would want to delete pre-existing WordPress instructions and put your own words there. Lots of cool options to add to formatting your blog. I tried a couple widgets in headers and footers till I got the desired face of my blog. I’m still learning four months later👍

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